In addition to overseeing the investment activities of the funds held in its trust, Duart Mull actively manages the private equity allocation of the portfolio through the direct placement of growth capital, value-added co-investments, syndicated buy-outs/exits, and advisory services.

We generally look to partner with entrepreneurial companies that have a developed and proven product or service and growing customer base.

Duart Mull is not a venture capital firm or a third party asset manager.  Instead, we invest our own family funds with emphasis on three core investment strategy components

Passive Portfolio Oversight

Oversight of the passive investments held in Duart Mull’s trust.  These funds serve as available equity capital and the collateral for leverage in active investments.

Growth Capital Partner

We’re very selective about both the people and the companies in which we invest our capital and energies. As a partner, we maintain a long-view goal of a successful financial exit for all parties. During the five to seven years of active value creation, we are very involved, rolling up our sleeves with founders and operating partners to work through challenges and to drive the priorities necessary to build a successful business. See our Growth Capital Investment Criteria for more details.


Co-investor & Syndicator

As a co-investor, Duart Mull partners with best-in-class Private Equity firms and other value-added investors to provide meaningful exits and recapitalizations for companies with transaction sizes up to $250 million. Duart Mull makes direct placements in individual company investment vehicles as well as limited partner placements in other private equity firm funds. See Buyout Investment Criteria for more details.