Strategic Acquisitions

One of the ways Duart Mull provides value to our invested companies is by providing capital for strategic acquisitions that support ongoing growth and increased enterprise value.  Add-on acquisitions to an existing Duart Mull investment must be a company or divested business unit that satisfies one or more of our acquisition criteria.


    • Complementarily expand the products or services of the Duart Mull Company to provide cross-sell opportunities or greater market share.
    • Increase of the geographic footprint (domestically, internationally, or addressable) of the Duart Mull company.
    • Grow or further diversify the customer base of the Duart Mull Company
    • Provide cost savings or strategic advantages to the Duart Mull Company.

Founder Buyouts

As a co-investment partner, Duart Mull will take a select role in Leveraged Buyouts and Acquisitions of platform companies. Duart Mull’s value to a company typically centers on how we relate to the founder and management team.  The range of requirements of Duart Mull’s outside capital partners is as diverse as the companies in which they invest.


As a general rule, the following are the basic requirements where Duart Mull is able to provide a stand-alone Buyout or Acquisition:

    • Founder/Operator Owned
    • Headquartered in the United States or Canada
    • Minimum Company Revenue of $10 million
    • EBITDA of $2 million up to a maximum of $25 million
    • Maximum Transaction Size of $250 million<
    • Cash Flow & risk characteristics which would support a reasonable degree of leverage of 2-3x EBITDA.